About me

Video game studio management and gaming expert

I have the best job in the world. Over the last 20 years I have been a video game developer, producer, studio manager and head of studio. In my previous role I launched and expanded King Digital Entertainment‘s four Barcelona studios.

Over the years, I have led several gaming-related technology projects and delivered over 60 video games on all major gaming platforms, including PC, Xbox, PS2 and mobile, overall generating more than one billion euros in revenue.

With each release, I have learnt more about what makes games successful. To deepen my knowledge, I have also studied new skills: advanced programming, computational physics, strategy, talent management, psychology, marketing, music, and business modelling, just to mention a few.

I’ve also been lucky to work with some of the most inspiring minds in video games, the kind of people that teach you lessons that stay with you forever – all of this while witnessing first-hand some dramatic changes in the industry.

Today I am the co-founder and CEO at Games for a Living (G4AL), a blockchain gaming company. We want to fuel the mass adoption of blockchain games by publishing AAA-quality blockchain games and giving video game developers the tools they need to succeed on the blockchain.

G4AL’s first game, Elemental Raiders, a turn-based PvP and PvE RPG, is on track to launch in June 2022. It is an AAA-quality video game that gives players true ownership of their game assets in token and NFT-form, so they can benefit from the advantages of blockchain technology. 

To know more about my journey so far, check out my LinkedIn profile.