Bubble Witch Saga 2

King Digital, 2014

A sequel to Bubble Witch Saga, Bubble Witch Saga 2  is a tile-matching arcade puzzle video game incorporating new level types and improved game modes to the original gameplay mechanics. The player needs to travel the bright and colourful Witch Country to help Stella and her cats free the land from the dark spirits by bursting as many bubbles as possible.  Leaderboards allow gamers to compare their scores with those of friends and competitors. the game is free to play, with extra moves and boosters requiring payment.

Bubble Witch Saga 2 was developed under my direct supervision in King’s Barcelona studio.


This kind of bubble-popping was brilliant fun in the Bust-a-Move and Puzzle Bobble games, and King has done a much better job second time round in translating it to modern touchscreens.

The Guardian

Bubble Witch Saga 2 is undoubtedly good fun. How could it not be? It’s an accomplished take-off of a classic casual puzzler, executed with a clean style and lots of whizzy-bangy visual rewards.


  • Browser and mobile social game