Diamond Islands

Digital Chocolate, 2008

Diamond Islands is an addictive brain teasing puzzle game set on a variety of exotic islands. Players take control of a gang of islanders travelling across a huge archipelago. The aim of the game is make them tilt and shove giant totem blocks around the islands to solve intriguing puzzles and collect beautiful diamonds. The background has all the trimmings of a tropical paradise, with beaches, palm trees and island wildlife. The free version includes 9 original puzzles, whereas the Premium version has over 100 of them, as well as interactive map obstacles, an engaging story and special unlocks.

Diamond Islands, conceived and developed by the mobile games unit at the Digital Chocolate Barcelona studio under my management, was awarded a Pocketgamer Silver Award in 2008.


Diamond Islands (is) a winner (…) a quirky and addictive little puzzle game (…) with well designed levels that’ll have you stubbornly rolling that totem pole about for days.


  • gold


  • Mobile
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