Pyramid Bloxx PC&Mac

Digital Chocolate, 2008

Pyramid Bloxx takes players to ancient Egypt. The game tasks them with building a pyramid. The main character is at ground level, carrying stones (the pyramid bloxx of the title) from left to right. The trick is to make him throw the blocks at the right time in the right place. As a result, when the block lands perfectly, the score goes up. However, if the throw misses its aim, the pyramid is uneven. The basic version of the game ends when the player completes a full pyramid, or when the whole block of stones falls. In the more advanced mode, players can try blocks in different materials, from Sapphire to Onyx, to get higher scores in increasing levels of difficulty.

To port Pyramid Bloxx from mobile to PC, I developed and put in place an innovative and efficient methodology that was a success.


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