LMA Manager 2001

Codemasters, 2001

LMA Manager 2001 is a football management game based on the 2000/2001 football season teams  in the English Premier Division, Division One, Division Two and Division Three and in the Scottish Premiership, First Division, Second Division and Third Division.

LMA Manager 2001 has got for player modes. In Full Game, players manage a team starting with the pre-season friendlies through to the end of the season. Expert Mode is a harder version of the Full Game mode, where player stats and abilities are hidden from the player. Quick Start skips the pre-season stage from the Full Mode and allows players to dive straight into the season. Finally, in Challenge Mode players face a specific task, such as saving their team from relegation with only 10 games to go.


This is without doubt the best management sim on the humble Playstation (…) fantastically captivating, maniacally addictive, and an utterly superb alternative to the likes of Tomb Raider and Resident Evil. (…) if Football management or tactical thinking water your pitch, look no further.



  • PlayStation